Logoplaste centralizes data and standardizes audits worldwide

June 13, 2023
Joel Monteiro
  • Client Logoplaste
  • Role Power Platform
  • Year 2023

The client:

Logoplaste is a global value-added service provider and producer of rigid plastic packaging for well-known fast moving consumer goods companies in the food and beverage, cosmetics, personal care, and household industries. Founded in 1976, the company is the pioneer in the wall to wall, embedded manufacturing model, significantly reducing CO2 emissions by eliminating transportation of empty bottles and secondary packaging, improving the overall environmental impact across the entire supply chain. Logoplaste currently manages 65 plants in 18 countries across 3 continents.

The challenge:

Logoplaste runs a vast operation across the globe, but prior to this project, that operation was decentralized, with each plant working with its own tools and datasets. Plants had different levels of reporting. Collecting information and implementing new standards was a time-consuming and hard task.

“We needed a tool that would allow us to quickly reach the plants and with full access to all the information.”

– David Garcia, Regional Quality Director at Logoplaste

Logoplaste was looking to completely turn this situation around by centralizing data and standardizing processes across all sites, regardless of where they were located. The goal was to create an ecosystem that would allow a new plant to start up following Logoplaste’s standards and best practices, and adapt to procedures and processes while promoting synergy among plants, sharing learnings, and reducing redundant work. Logoplaste felt that this new ecosystem would be achievable using Microsoft tools. After collecting feedback on potential suppliers that could take on this project, Logoplaste decided Devscope would be the ideal partner.

The solution:

Work on Logoplaste’s Global Management System (GMS) kicked off with an assessment of all modules they were looking to include in this ecosystem, 12 in total, to understand information flows and set what would be the project’s starting point. Logoplaste expected that a ready-to-use Microsoft solution, with minor customizations, would address their needs, but the project’s scope meant that it required a more evolved and complex solution. SharePoint Online would serve as the central backbone anchoring each module to it.

The Audits module became the clear priority and the starting point for the entire project. Performing audits is well ingrained in the daily activity of the plants. Despite performing audits regularly, Logoplaste didn’t have a universal audit tool in place. Our team started by integrating SAP and PeoplePoint – Logoplaste’s HR solution, connecting the audit work to the people responsible for doing it.

In Global Management System’s (GMS) audits and inspections module, users can create new questions (adding answer type, language, category, etc.) or entire questionnaires, which, in turn, can be used for complete audits and inspections. These audits and inspections can be scheduled for a specific date and attributed to set users, plants, or countries. They can also be used by all plants thanks to a translation option, which removes the language barrier.

GMS 02 Questionnaire Creation
GMS 01 Audit Inspection Creation Location

Conducting inspections via QR code is one of the features available, which helps Logoplaste streamline the process and guarantee that everything follows the standards and procedures set forth. The platform generates a QR code that Logoplaste can print and apply to the object of the inspection on the shopfloor. When read, the QR code opens a Power App with the questionnaire the employee must go through.

Assignments to perform an inspection or an audit are available in the user’s personal area on SharePoint Online and sent to them via Microsoft Teams. After clicking on the link, the user is redirected to the Power App to start performing the task. Pictures of non-conformities can be attached to the platform. The search option makes it very easy to find information.

Logoplaste GMS Power App 1
Logoplaste GMS Power App 2

“The added value is making all this information available to all areas of the company, not only the plants but also the support departments.”

– Bernardo Dias, Digital Operation System Director at Logoplaste

As usual with DevScope projects, we ensured the Logoplaste team received all the necessary training to work with the new technology.


Logoplaste is very pleased with what GMS is achieving when it comes to implementing standards, accessing system data, and information sharing between plants, as well as the drastic reduction in paper. The audits and inspections module allows Logoplaste to streamline and standardize these tasks and gives the company more control over who’s performing them and how they are being performed. Defining questions, assigning tasks, and keeping track of non-conformities are now centralized in a single system with multi-country, multi-language reach.

“The system has taken us to a new level, giving the teams a tool that decreases execution time, eliminates error, provides real-time data, is easy to use, reducing redundant activities. This is another step in our digital journey providing a unique experience to our teams and, of course, helping us deliver even better results to our clients.”

– Bernardo Dias, Digital Operation System Director at Logoplaste

Audits and inspections are just the first modules in the GMS ecosystem Logoplaste is implementing. The company’s focus for the coming months is to develop additional functions to continue on its digital journey.

Technologies used:

Microsoft SharePoint Online
Custom Solution that syncs SAP Entities with SharePoint – PnP Core SDK
Microsoft Teams
Power BI
Power Apps
Power Automate

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