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Get the party started: 20% off PowerBI Tiles for Mardi Gras!

Joel Monteiro
February 8, 2024

Get ready to dance through the festivities as Mardi Gras approaches! At DevScope, we’re excited to launch our glowing data-driven Mardi Gras promotion, inviting our customers to indulge in savings that will light up their celebrations – a spectacular 20% discount on our top-tier products. 

From February 8th to February 13th, PowerBI Tiles Pro, PowerBI Robots, PowerBI Portal, and PowerBI Data Portal are all up for grabs at a dazzling 20% discount when you apply code MGRAS20 at checkout. Take advantage of this moment to elevate your trial version to a full license or renew your existing one at its most budget-friendly price with code MGRAS20. Let the Mardi Gras spirit shine on your data insights! 

What can you get for 20% off on Mardi Gras? 

Our Mardi Gras 20% off code is valid for four products in our PowerBI Tiles suite: PowerBI Tiles Pro, PowerBI Robots, PowerBI Portal, and PowerBI Data Portal. Whether your existing license has days or months left before expiration, licenses obtained through this promotion don’t expire and you can activate them whenever you want. Feel free to use this code as many times as you wish until the end of our Mardi Gras promotion on February 13th. 

Do you want to learn more about the products in this promotion? Keep reading. 

PowerBI Tiles Pro is a must-have Office 365 add-on, enabling seamless embedding and real-time or high-resolution screenshot updates of your Power BI reports and dashboards within PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. If you’ve ever found yourself dedicating countless hours to manually capturing Power BI report snapshots and pasting them into your presentations, your search for the ideal solution ends here. The standard price for a PowerBI Tiles Pro license is 99€, but by using the code MGRAS20, you can acquire it during Mardi Gras for 79.99€. Don’t miss this opportunity to save time and streamline your presentation creation process. Buy it now.

PowerBI Robots is a report automation solution tailored to the needs of business intelligence experts who routinely distribute reports and dashboards to recipients both within and outside their organization. With PowerBI Robots, you can effortlessly set schedules for automated data delivery from Power BI. This data can be sent via email, stored in a SharePoint library or File System, or transformed into a URL for seamless report streaming to any device. While a yearly PowerBI Robots license typically costs 1,099€, utilizing the code MGRAS20 allows you to acquire it for an exclusive rate of only 879.20€. A single license is enough to meet the requirements of most organizations. Buy it now.

PowerBI Portal is a web-based tool designed to empower your organization by enabling the seamless integration of numerous Power BI reports and dashboards within a web portal. This accessibility extends to any users, who are not required to have a Power BI account to access the reports you share with them. Usually priced at 3,499€, you can now get a PowerBI Portal license for just 2,799€ by using the code MGRAS20, a substantial saving of 700€. Buy it now.

The last PowerBI Tiles product you can get a discount on is PowerBI Data Portal, a web-based solution that empowers users to effortlessly share Power BI dataflows from their workspaces with any users. This means a simplified method for handling data from diverse sources, including SQL Server, Excel, or even Data Lakes, without the need to craft intricate ETL processes, paving the way for enhanced collaboration with clients, suppliers, or partners. Normally priced at 1,499€, PowerBI Data Portal is now available at a discounted rate of 1,199.20€ when using the code MGRAS20Buy it now.

Trial versions are available for all DevScope products, so give them a go first if you haven’t, and don’t forget to use code MGRAS20 at checkout before February 13th. 

Happy shopping and happy Mardi Gras! 

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